Did your summer fly by? 

Mine sure did. I spent lot’s of precious time with my sweet fam and we fell in love with traveling! We went to Isla Mujeres first for a family destination wedding, then we went on a super fun friend trip to Belize without the baby, and finally, we ended the summer going to the Happy Hour Live with some ladies from the Inspire Her study. It was all a blast!

The right lens

This summer, through all the sun, fun, and travel, God has been working on my heart and helping me see myself through the lens of the Gospel. I have always had the tendency to mold myself into what I think other’s want from me instead of just being myself (hello Enneagram 3). Because of this, I tend to become out of touch with my own emotions and it can be hard to view myself through the right lens. I can get so caught up in thinking about what everyone else wants from me, rather than just resting in who I am as a daughter of the King and seeing myself as God does.

I struggle with believing the lie that I am not enough on a daily basis and that’s simply not true. As a daughter of Christ, I am set free. That’s true for you too. Our identity rests in him alone. He has already won, and he loves us, is proud of us, and when he looks at us and he sees his perfect grace.

He wants a relationship with us and he wants us to use the gifts he’s given us for good and to glorify him. He wants us to work hard, be humble, steadfast, and to lean on him throughout everything.

So, for the sake of obedience, I want to do my part of being honest and open with you for the sake of the Gospel. I want to share with you what is really going on behind the curtain of my heart, my life, and with HK & Co.

Here’s what you need to know

I’m not perfect. I do not have it all together. I am just like you—searching for my place as an entrepreneur and doing my best to follow God’s leading. For me, this means stepping back and stepping up in some areas.

I am recognizing it is okay to take a step back in some areas and receive care. I want to really nurture some relationships and spend more time falling in love with and getting to know my great God even more.

He’s gifted me in design and given me such a heart for creativity and serving other people. So, I am taking a step of faith and trusting that he will provide in allowing me to serve you and our Inspire Her community. I am so excited to share what is in the works and what you can expect this fall!

All-Inclusive courses on how to build and launch your website

I have been tossing around the idea of creating an online course that walks you through how to build and launch your own website. I have been a bit nervous to really go all in. I spend the bulk of my time on my clients because I care about them and I want to put them first. Their social media, their website, and their content and I absolutely LOVE doing it!

I am, however, recognizing that I have an audience right here that I desire to serve really well. So I am taking a step of faith and being extra vulnerable with you! I am sharing all the secrets with you on how to create a beautiful website and tell your unique story.

What’s your passion?

So, as a woman who dreams of being a rockstar at both motherhood and entrepreneurship, HERE WE GO. I am showing up here for you on a weekly basis, creating beautiful resources and printables for you, and online courses to help you be successful with your hustle.

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Hi, there!

I’m Katie. I am a momma, wife, web + brand designer, photographer, and most importantly a daughter of the most high King. My hope is to encourage other women to live intentionally and help empower my fellow small business friends to grow and scale their businesses.




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