I love writing things down. There’s just something about pen and paper that makes my heart happy. I always find myself buying planners, journals, calendars, really all the things. Then I fall into this trap of still searching for better ones because they are always missing something I need. Just like you, I am constantly growing and needing new resources and tools to help me develop. 

The DIY Planner

That’s where this idea of the DIY Planner came from. I wanted something that I could make my own AND that could grow with me and my lifestyle. You can use the DIY Planner as a journal, meal planner, calendar, space for brainstorming, project management tool, social media planning, weekly planning, YOU NAME IT. Whatever you want it to be—it can be. It is yours completely and you choose what pages you want to fill it with. I will be creating new pages every month! So, be sure and tell me what pages you would love in your DIY Planner.

How it works

All you do is find the pages that work for YOU, purchase them, print them out as needed, and fill them into your Planner. The great thing about it is that it will grow and change with you. Make an investment and purchase a notebook that you love. You’ll fill the pages as you need them and you can move things around and reorder as much as you’d like!

Here’s what you need:

  • Journal
  • Whole Punch
  • Pages (shop around in my digital shop)

Levenger Circa Journal (letter size)

Levenger Whole Punch


What would you like in your DIY Planner?!

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