Getting Started

When we purchased our home here in Round Rock, one of the first things I wanted to do was start my garden. There’s something about being outdoors and having something to do with my hands that’s so refreshing to me.

When you’re getting started and ready to begin curating your garden, I would recommend planning things out first.


Sprinkler System

I LOVE LOVE LOVE tending to my garden, but I also like the option to get a little lazy at times and my sprinkler system helps me with this. 🙂

If you already have a sprinkler system in place, this can be a great support for you and for your garden. Place your garden in the line of fire of your sprinklers, so that when you’re not feeling it or if you go away on vacation, your plants are getting the water they need.


Whether your going veggies, fruits, or flowers or a little bit of everything make sure you only get things you plan to use in your kitchen or that bring your joy. Make a list of what you’d like to have in your garden and look into what conditions are good for those plants and what buddies they should have nearby. (I’ll do a separate post on this later)

Here’s a resource from the University of Illinois. Briefly take a look at the conditions and care that your veggies will need.


Make sure that your soil is appropriate for you plants. At this point, you should’ve already briefly looked at the conditions your plants need. Here’s a good option for in-ground or planter soil from Amazon: 

$15.96 or $34.14


Think about the location of your garden and make sure you are planting somewhere you’re plants will get the sun exposure that they need.



I personally love using planters and to save money, I always build them myself. It can be as simple as getting 4 2x6 boards and screwing them together on each side to form a square and then stain it with an outdoor weather-proof stain. You can then place them on the ground above your grass (or dig out your grass for best results) and pour your soil in the center of your planter. I won’t be including a step-by-step on how to do this in this post, but I’m sure I will be doing one soon! For now, here’s what you need to purcahse get started:

You will need a screw driver for this project and a paint brush. You don’t necessarily need a saw because Home Depot can and will cut your boards to size for you.

Shopping List:


Shopping for plants

And for the fun part – SHOPPING! Now that you’ve done all your research (even if it only took 10 minutes), head over to your local nursery and start shopping! 

Put the babes in the ground

Once you’ve purchased your seeds or plants or starters, you want to put those babes right in the ground. They need to start getting esablished in your garden. This is why we do all our planning first. 🙂

Enjoy your new garden!

Last thing is just to enjoy and experiment with your garden. I am right there with you — planning out all the details for my expanded garden and I cannot be more excited. I will be sharing all the details and photos along the way! 🙂

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