Plan for growth

Good morning, sweet friends and fellow entrepreneurs!

I want to get something straight with you today: I love my clients, I love what I do and I absolutely love and value my team. There may just be two of us now, but I don’t think of my team as just the two of us. I dream bigger. I plan for growth. I want to help other talented and creative moms be able to stay home with their little ones all while empowering other entrepreneurs to do what they love and coaching them to be successful in what they do.

Providing insights when I am a startup company myself can be quite tricky because although we are great at what we do: design, branding, marketing strategy; there are things we are still learning as we grow. I plan on being fully transparent with you as a way of not just letting you in, but also to help you learn from what we have found to be successful or challenging.

Protect your priorities

Something that I practice daily is managing my own priorities based on my energy levels. Since I am most creative and alert in the mornings, I block off that time to work solely on HK & Co. priorities, design and dreaming about what could be. I completely disconnect from email (at least I do my best to, I am still working hard to develop this habit) and primarily focus on my creative work that will help my company be successful.

As someone who works with multiple clients, it can be difficult not to let my mind think about their priorities or even my teams’ priorities rather than the ones of HK & Co. Email is great, but it can also be a huge distraction. It makes you want to start your day off with reactive work and responding to others’ needs rather than starting your day thinking about your own priorities. So, if that’s you, there’s a book you must read: Manage Your Day-to-Day by 99U.

Build a great daily routine

This book breaks down the importance of starting with creative work first and reactive work second. It encourages you to schedule your day based on your energy levels and completely disconnect from your phone and email for a chunk of time each day so that you can fully focus and invest in your priorities. After you develop your rhythm of energy levels, you then can use creative triggers to help your mind know it’s time to get to work. Give yourself the space to get creative and tackle your priorities.

Capture every commitment and establish hard edges

Limit your to-do list, capture your commitments, and establish hard edges each day. Don’t allow yourself to overwork because in doing so, your probably not working as effectively. You are exhausted and probably not performing as well.

These last few “building blocks” of a strong daily routine, mentioned above by the book, are the hardest things for me as I’m sure you may be able to relate. Working from home, and especially as a start-up you are wearing multiple hats. Your to-do list seems to never end, commitments are constantly growing, and you are putting in long hours.

So let’s rally together and commit to caring for our organizations, ourselves, and our families. Here’s to capturing commitments, getting creative, and protecting valuable time for our priorities.

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