Getting Ready for Emma Kate

Yesterday I painted Emma’s room and started putting together Keira’s old nursery furniture for her. I am loving the look of the clean modern lines with the pop of pink. This is one of the smaller rooms in our house, so I wanted to keep a lot of white and bright colors to make sure I’m bouncing all the natural light and making the most of her small little window.

I will do a full post of her room once we’re done, but for now I wanted to share a few photos my friend took of us today as she was picking up a planner she got from my shop (check them out here).

Mommy & Me Dresses

This little girl is gonna be such a great big sister and I cannot wait to take photos of her with baby Emma. I have a feeling she’s gonna eat it up! 🙂 Here’s all the photos from today. Be sure to check out my amazing friend and her photography business: Molly Kate Photography.