Not sure HOW to say it?

Have you ever felt like you have so much to say to your audience on social media, but just can’t get the right words out? Me too. With all the noise these days on social media it can be not hard to feel like our voice doesn’t matter OR that we have to show up perfectly. Both of those things are lies, simply not true.

The comparison would then take over and we would end up not showing up for our audience because of fear of failure, anxiety, doubt, worry, you name it. There are so many things that prevent us from taking a chance and with social media that doesn’t change. No matter what, it’s scary putting ourselves out there. However, today it’s absolutely necessary.

Why? Because most-likely your AUDIENCE is hanging on social media and they matter. We cannot be successful entrepreneurs without them. They are the ones who help make things happen for us. So we should be showing up in those spaces for them and be willing to let them in a bit.

I struggle with it too

For a while, I’ve felt like I’m just “too much.” I had been believing LIES like these:

  • I am not good enough
  • I’m doing too many things so talking about each would be confusing
  • I can’t be honest because other’s could judge me
  • I will be anxious all my days
  • I can’t put myself out there, because it’d be terrible if I were to fail
  • My worth is in my work

Some truth for us

God has given each of us unique skills and abilities. When we use those to bless others and work hard with what he’s given us, we bring him glory! Don’t believe the LIE that you are not valuable and have nothing to offer, because that’s simply not true.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or not, this is true for you!


Letting you in a bit

Recently I’ve been needing to remind myself of that truth: God has given me gifts and abilities that he wants me to share with you.

I had been feeling so “stuck” with work and anxious about what clear path to take. That anxiety from work began to overflow into my time with family. I began to struggle with being fully present for Josh and Keira because work was constantly on my mind.

So, naturally, I started to get creative. I took a break from work and, in an effort to get unstuck, I began to think things through while playing around with some design ideas.

Before I knew it, I ended up creating a guide for entrepreneurs (like me) that can help them dig deeper into who their audience is and identify two things:

  1. The themes that their audience may be struggling with.
  2. Their promise to their audience of how they or their business can help with that struggle.

Social Media Storytelling Guide

I worked through the guide with my audience in mind and it was so refreshing to be able to dig deep into who they are and how I relate to them and can help them.

It has been so valuable to me and I know it will be for you too! 

Where to find the guide!

You can find the guide in my digital shop for $7 OR you can sign up to give me some feedback and get it for FREE. I would LOVE to hear your thoughts and see how this product has helped you get unstuck with your social media marketing.