Keira Grace

This month Keira turned THREE years old. I cannot believe how quickly that time went by. To celebrate her, we had a super hero girls themed birthday party with just a few friends and it was so much fun! She helped me paint a fun sign for her and I made her a cute little city scape so she could pretend to be Captain Marvel and “save the city!”

These decorations will probably be up for a while, and who knows, maybe they’ll help with the transition of having a newborn in the house. We will see!

My Creative Outlet

Throwing parties and creating fun themes is probably in my top ten favorite things to do. I love going all out when it comes to decor because for me, it’s a creative outlet. As the owner of a Creative Web Design studio, being creative is part of my day-to-day job. Whether it’s a brand photography session, a new WordPress website redesign, or a full brand design for a growing small business, I am required to get creative for my clients. 

They rely on my creativity and my ability to take a step back, look at the whole picture, and think through the lens of their audience.

How birthday parties and hosting events help me thrive in business

It may sound silly, but throwing parties and getting creative in a new way helps me with my client projects. It expands my creativity and allows me to mentally shift gears for a day or so. Doing that, helps me gain that fresh perspective that my clients rely heavily on. I truly believe that as business owners, we all need a creative outlet and quality time with our families to help us get refreshed and gain perspective.