With a toddler and a baby

My sweet friend Marteney treated Keira and me to visit the FOMO Factory and oh my goodness talk about creativity! Every room was decked out and so thoughtfully put together. The color palette and details were so inspiring!


When we walked up they asked us to wear a name tag, however, we couldn’t use our real names. So, naturally, we went with Stori & Elsa. Keira is currently obsessed with Frozen and I have been brainstorming names for my design company. That’s a conversation for another day. For now, enjoy our view of the FOMO Factory.

Room by Room.

Birthday Room

This one was possibly my favorite. So much color and the light was amazing. You’ll notice Keira is already down to one pigtail because although it was the first room she ran straight to the blocks in the room over to knock them down as soon as we walked up the steps.

Care Bear Chair

You can tell they crafted each of these nostalgic spaces with Instagram in mind. Each room seems to have the perfect amount of light. Keira had so much fun knocking down these blocks! What’s not pictured is me trying to take photos of my friend with a squirmy toddler on my hip eager to run straight for these blocks or the balloons in the Birthday Room.

Bubble Bath Room

How cute is this?? At the time, I didn’t notice the little rubber duckies in the background. They really thought this one through. I just love the pop of yellow and the shower curtain rubber ducky backdrop!

Crescent Moon

My little princess was dancing around to music, practicing smelling flowers, and of course throwing around disco balls. I’m so grateful for Marteney and definitely glad we went on the last day. Keira may or may not have got away with a few forks from the wall decor.

My Heart

Sidenote: we were sick all week and Sunday was the first time we got out of the house. All week Keira and I watched Glee together. She danced and played as I tried to recover. This room made me think of our time together. And now the song is stuck in my head. Sorry.


I’m not entirely sure what the theme of this room was. There were swings, hopscotch, and a seesaw to enjoy. This section, in particular, made me think of Keira’s bedroom because it’s a garden theme. I’ll have to post pictures of that soon. I’ve been making a few updates lately as she is moving from a nursery to a toddler room.

Take Me to the Beach

I’m gonna be really honest. I have no idea who’s sunglasses Keira is modeling. She just loves sunglasses and snatched them up. It’s very possible they were watching us take pictures with them.

We went into the ball pit and I think Keira got a little bit worried. It was deeper than we expected. Holton seems to be loving it.