It’s healthy to take a step back often in order to gain perspective and re-focus

I was reading from a book this morning that asked this question:

“Can your personal purpose align with your organization’s purpose to create the conditions to do good in the world?”

As a small business owner and a momma who desires to show her kiddos how to help others, work hard, and help provide for the family, I love asking myself questions like this. It helps me gain perspective and start to really dig deep into why I do what I do.

Why do I sacrifice time with my family?

Why do I sacrifice sleep?

What is it that is my true calling and motivation?

Truthfully, I sometimes struggle with these questions. I’ve always felt this nudge to do something greater, something that would use the gifts God has given me to empower and inspire others to live intentionally in all that they do. Whether that’s as a momma, in business, or both. Lately, especially with two tinies now, it’s been hard to see clearly why I am doing what I am doing. 

I had to take a step back to gain some perspective of why it’s been difficult. Even though I know I am creating value for each of my clients, I find myself tired and therefore just going through the motions. Can you relate?

I forget the reason why I started this in the beginning: to create value for other business owners like myself and help them find success. Every day when I start working on a brand project or web design project I get to partake in someone else’s vision. I get to use the gifts God has given me to help them build a business with true impact. Wow. 

That is such a huge blessing, and honestly, it’s so life giving to me. Reminding myself of this and spending time on my own personal development, makes all the difference.

Finding your rhythm & getting to know your audience

Taking time to reflect on your purpose and the people you are serving is essential to be successful in business today. It’s all about developing relationships with your audience, connecting with them, and showing up for them.

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