I sat down at a coffee shop with two other women and I told them my story. All of it. I felt such relief and grace because for the first time I was confident in it. That was my story. No matter how ashamed of certain seasons I was, this is the story God has given me. All of a sudden, I wasn’t hiding anymore or keeping up appearances on the surface. I had women who knew all of me, who I could confide in, and who I was reading scripture with on a daily basis.

How it started

That first day we set the tone for our time together. We were completely transparent, open, and vulnerable. We learned something together: we are enough. God loves us just as we are, today. We don’t need to do anything or pick ourselves up, he just asks us to go to him as we are.

The importance of authentic community

I’m sharing this with you because I want this for you. I want you to have authentic community and I believe it starts with trust, grace, and transparency. There is wisdom in sharing your story, so definitely pray about it and find a few close women in your life who you can be fully known by and who will commit to reading scripture with you. Why? Because in order to actually grow and encourage one another we need the truth of God’s Word.

Ever since we shared our stories and began to read together, God has been doing something really cool in the three of us. Some days and weeks it is harder than others to pick up the Bible and dive in, but we keep going. Why? Because we are doing it together.

Keep reading

Don’t get me wrong, we’ve definitely missed plenty of days and some books/passages are more difficult to read. The beauty is, when one of us or all of us get in a rut we are there to encourage each other and remind each other of God’s truth.

That’s my hope and prayer for you as well. That as you find your people and share and read together, you will encourage each other to keep going. That’s where growth happens. God is faithful and I truly believe he will meet you there. He will help you follow through and keep reading.

We need the truth of Scripture

We need to read the Bible because we desire to get to know our God, our dad. We want to learn more about his character and how he is a loving God who is righteous and just. We need the truth of Scripture. He gave it to us because he loves us and he knows that we need him.

He knows that in order for us to truly have joy, we need to be satisfied in him.

So, that’s what we do. We remind each other of the goodness of our God and how much we rely on his Word and prayer daily. We should be honest with God and go to him in prayer for everything. He’s a good dad and he cares about all of it: the little things, the big things, the scary things.

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